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Music Is The Color Sound Makes

A music store – but not just any old music store - has joined the ranks of shops and eateries in historic Metamora.  Owned and operated by Brookville native Mike Neeley, Village Music and Industrial Décor includes vintage instruments, classical jewelry and dashing hats. 

Village Music reflects Mr. Neeley’s lifelong interest in music and the instruments that produce it. “We have guitars that range from the 1920s through the present, all with names that you’ll recognize, and a few interesting surprises. But not to be forgotten we have mandolins, fiddles, and handmade amplifiers.

One of the most unique of Village Music’s offerings are handmade cigar box guitars.  Mr. Neeley caught the bug for handmade, primitive instruments while traveling in Clarksdale, Mississippi, The Home of the Blues, Neeley points out, starting with sharecropper youngsters who made music with whatever they could find.  “Fence pickets disappeared from backyards, lengths of cotton baling wire were transformed into strings and that distinctive southern Blues sound was born.”

Cigar box guitars range from one to six strings, could be acoustic or electric and feature ornate boxes of every material from hardwood to metal.  The boxes are as unique as the cigars they once sheltered.   Most have brightly colored themes and rectangular shapes. “Looking for cigar boxes is part of the enjoyment of this hobby,” Neeley says.  

They all have a story and we have found them in most unusual places, Mr. Neeley says.  “Flea markets are obviously good places, but a high-end street fair in Miami produced a curious piece of luggage that now enjoys life as an amplifier.”

“We’ve already hosted jam sessions and are encouraging local musicians and visitors of all agesto join us in creating a widespread sense of community. “It’s great to see the next generation of musicians and how accomplished they are.  They are equally thrilled to join veteran musicians and learn a thing or two.

“Like everyone else, we were impacted by COVD-19.  Before the virus, we were traveling across the country setting up at music shows.  building cigar box guitars. Summer 2020 found us, instead, selling our wares from the safe environs of ETSY and one guitar at the time.  During a “Sunday drive” through Metamora we stumbled on this building for sale.”

Village Music and Industrial Décor is housed on Main Street at the entrance of the community in the historic Jenks and Martindale grocery.   After a fire in 1885, it has enjoyed life as a private lender,, a source of school supplies and sundries and, more recently, a museum.

For information contact Mike Neeley, Village Music and Industrial Décor,

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