Metamora Indiana Aquaduct
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I had grown up all my life going to Metamora and I love it more each time I go sharing it with my children and grandchildren. So.....there was no hesitation, when I was going to remarry, that our wedding would be in Metamora. We wanted our guests to experience all of the things that we enjoy each time we go.

Our wedding party and immediate family arrived at Hospitality Inn Bed and Breakfast where Betty always makes everyone feel right at home. Our guests arrived and boarded the canal boat as we arrived by horse-drawn carriage to board the boat. All of us enjoyed the canal boat, pulled by the draft horses, down to the aquaduct where we exchanged our vows. Once the horses pulled us back to where we boarded the boat, we enjoyed a fantastic meal and reception at the Hearthstone.

You can't beat the food, atmosphere and hospitality of the staff. Our wedding day, May 19, 2007, couldn't have been more beautiful and memoriable. My oldest son called me the other day and told me that him and his girlfriend are going to get married this year and I was so happy when he told me that arrangements are being made to also get married in Metamora ! How awesome !

Donna Schoonmaker, Toronto, OH


If you enjoy seeing some real friendly people I would encourage everyone to visit Metamora. When my children were small we took them on the train ride and enjoyed the walk around town. This trip is a wonderful way to forget about the fast pace of our world and just relax.

Tom Emard, Nineveh, Indiana

Hello. I've been to America twice and been to Metamora twice (two years running).. It's been the very best experience and I love the place. My friend brings me when I stay with her in Cincinnati, we love being there. The shopkeepers are very friendly and one even remembered me from last year, a lovely lady who has a shop where I buy my souvenirs. I see reminders of Metamora wherever I look in my home.

I love the spell it casts making you think you really have gone back in time. My friend visits there at Chrismas time and says it really is magical. Metamora is a national treasure and I very much look forward to visiting again in 2012. Thanks to everyone there who make visitors feel so welcome, it's been a priviledge visiting and I hope I get there many more times.

I would like to share the events of a wonderful evening in Metamora. On Nov. 20th the town celebrated their 4th annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony. It was a beautiful, moon bright, clear night. The ceremony began at 6:30 with a prayer led by a local minister and then music by local groups and singing by the crowd.

And it was quite a crowd filled with children of all ages. Santa appeared and wanderer through the crowd talking to children and handing out candy. He also handed out sage advice to young girls telling them that Santa was the only old man that they could accept candy from.

There was home made cookies and coffee, hot tea and hot chocolate served to the crowd free of charge. There was music by local groups and a Christmas sing along. I was impressed by the singing of the crowd. They seemed to let it all hang out.

Santa was most impressive as he read the old favorite "T’was The Night Before Christmas" and the M.C. read another old favorite story, "Yes, Virginia. There is a Santa Clause." The crowd was very attentive to both stories.

Everything led up to the main event of the evening which was the lighting of the Christmas tree. When the time came there were sirens from fire trucks and fireworks and the sound of Handel’s "Hallelujah" burst out of the speakers and then the beautiful tree magically lit up.

Metamora’s wonderful tree lighting ceremony is held on the Saturday before Thanksgiving. I encourage one and all to come spend a most enjoyable hour opening up the Christmas season for Metamora and for your families. Write it in on your 2011 calendar so you don’t forget it. You will be delighted that you did.


I’ve almost felt that to a point, I partially grew up in Metamora through the 1970’s and 80’s. I was lucky enough to have had two grandparents (Clifford & Lois Fath) run a little store down there many years ago called the “Hoosier Hall”, which set next to the ticket office for the train. I always looked forward to making our way there and getting to spend the day looking around and feeling a part of it all.

I vividly remember my grandpa walking around town during the Christmas walk wearing a sock hat (literally a sock hat made of old socks) with a little hand made sign around his neck that read, “working my way through college”.

You must keep in mind that he was in his 70’s at the time. Those were some of the best memories that I have as a child. Metamora will always have a special place in my heart and I always look forward to the next visit I get to take.

Thanks Metamora for being such a special place!!!

Todd Giles


Two friends and I stayed at the Whitewater Inn this past weekend (June 19-20) and had a wonderful time at Twilight Time! The food, the jazz band, the wine tasting and the boat ride! All were memorable! Bill and Jay are great hosts and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

We especially enjoyed meeting David at Meeting House Antiques and wandering through his shop. A sleepy, sleepy little storybook town tucked in a little valley beneath the trees, where history stands still and the stone pavement beneath your feet echoes footfalls from nearly 200 years of Indiana history!

I half expected Rip Van Winkle to come toddling across the village green. So quiet, so peaceful. I miss it already.

We'll be back!


My 3 girlfriends and I visit your charming town every year during the Christmas Walk to do a little Christmas shopping (although we usually end up buying for ourselves!). We could go to any big mall out there but nothing can get you in the Christmas spirit the way shopping Metamora can.

We start early, then take a lunch break and go to the HearthStone, then it's back to town for desert and more shopping. We also enjoy a fun carriage ride together and end up with some great pictures for scrapbooking.

Girls Night out in December is always our favorite of the year thanks to your beautiful little village.

Cindy - West Alexandria, OH


My husband and I visited for Strawberry Days...fabulous. Last month we had a surprise birthday get away weekend for my husband, with our grown children arriving on Saturday.

Betty and Carol with the Hospitality House are amazing. Loved our room and the awesome breakfast. When the sidewalks rolled up around 6, it was still great to walk around and watch the children swim under the aqueduct.

This is the best place Indiana has for so much history and so much hospitality.

Teena, from Patricksburg.


The Website is delightful. I have been coming to Metamora off and on for several years. This year will be there for Christmas Walk and will stay an Jo Ball's Metamora Inn. My sister lives in Gosport so will meet me there.

I have for years been trying to find and renew a friendship with an author or lived there. Kathy Aldering. I was friends with Milford and Marie Anness. I have Marie in my prayers now. She is such a sweet lady. Milford signed his book Forever the Song at one time for me, and he introduced me to growing gourds.

This is a passion of mine now along with creative writing and quilting. I am looking forward to being there the llth and 12th for Christmas Walk 2009.

Thanks for such a lovely site and thank you Jo for all the help.

Fondly, Donna Lynn


Our Red Hat Group from Indianapolis, The Hoosier Red Hots, attended Red Hats Day in Metamora on June 20th.  We had a whole lot of fun and loved it that some of the vendors even decorated the outside of their shop with Purple and Red.

Thanks for a great day and we hope to come again next year…

..Petite Princess


It was nice meeting you today. We enjoyed our visit to Mt. Metamora and visiting your shop and having lunch at the restaurant. We hope to return soon and visit Mt. Metamora again. It was very interesting and we have a lot of questions to ask on our return.

Thanks for keeping us informed as to what is going on at Metamora. Keep up the good work. We really appreciate it.

Drena and Bob


I have made two trips to Metamora and plan a third for the Tree Lighting.  A long time ago I came by train from Connersville for my first visit.  Now when I visit  with a girlfriend we stay at the Hospitality House  owned by Betty. Her daughter-in-law is also very helpful to keep the guests comfortable. The breakfast is excellent. They are both gracious people. 

I love the peace and quiet when the sun goes down and the shops are closed.  I live on a busy and noisy corner.  My nephew proposed to his wife on their visit to Metamora.  They now have two beautiful children a boy and a girl. 



I just wanted to say that every year in Sept I start thinking about canal days. I love the feel of the event, the food, the shopping, etc.  I can't wait to find some neat things.

So keep up the great work and keep emailing about all the great events that happen in IN.  Cathy


Used to visit quite often when we lived in Indy, Now about once a year since I moved to Kentucky.  My friend Teresa who still lives in Indy and I braved the ice storm and what a wonderful memory it made and it was beautiful to say the least. 

Hope to see it again for the Christmas Walk this year just not during another Ice Storm.  Will be there for Canal Days also. 

Thanks for sharing your town with all of us.


The first time I visited your town I fell in love with it!! I have been back several times and I even brought my grandparents with me one time! My grandfather has always been a history buff and we had a wonderful time!!

Sadly this would be our last time doing anything with my Paw-Paw like this but I am so glad he was able to see your town!! I will always have my pictures and my fond memories of that day!!!

I hope I get to come back for Canal Days this year!! 



My 2 friends and I have made Canal Days an annual tradition.  We have stayed with GI and Jo Ball at the Metamora Inn ever since they became the owners.

We have also been to the Christmas walk and this summer, another friend and I stayed at the Inn. I wanted to see what it was like in town on a quiet summer day.  It was great!  

I have come to think of Metamora as my personal "home away from home"  

Janet , Springville Indiana

This is so great, I have been looking for things to do with my soon to be husband, you guys made it fun and easy to come and see your town!! Can't wait to go and see your cute town

My fiance and i stayed the weekend in metamora and we stayed at the grapevine inn. It was very nice! We had a great time walking around the town,shopping is always fun there, i think we both gained a few pounds the candy shops are so fun to go into.

The smelly gourmet is a wonderful place to get a iced coffee with a double shot of ameretto! We ate dinner one night at C J'S it was a very good place to eat they have the best sausage sandwich,i told the owner i have not had one that good since i left N.Y.

We are now planning on having our wedding in the park next summer around july 4.  Thank you

christina allen & james


I visit Metamora as often as possible!  My aunt & I love going just to step back in time!  The shops are wonderful and so are the people. 

Woodworks Etc. is my favorite shop - Ron custom made a headboard for me and I love it.  Would love to see more people visit throughout the year.

Christina, Blooming Grove


Your website is great!!!! Super Job... We are looking forward to our yearly Christmas visit this will be our 13th year!!!! Thanks for always providing a place of tradition and comfort.

Jacinda from KY.


Charles, Nelda and son Benjamin Herrald just came back from your town. We stayed at The Thorpe Country Inn (hi Jean, we had a lovely time) and got coffees from The Smelly Gourmet (wonderful shop).

We walked all over town and throughly enjoyed just looking at all the buildings and the really funny tree with a branch on the ground. We even walked up 52 for supper at the Restaurant (yum) and had ice cream at Granny's.

Visited several shops and purchased items. We had a very good two days and we are simply saying THANK YOU for such a lovely two-day vacation. We also rode the train down on Thursday and back on Friday. 

Lovely town and lovely vacation. Again, a great big thank you to all the lovely people we met and talked with while there. You are such wonderful people.


Last year when we were planning our wedding, I found the Hospitality House B & B on your website. It said they had indoor & outdoor weddings.  After meeting with the owner, Betty Rady, we decided to get married in the gazebo on October 28, 2006. 

Betty was wonderful she helped us with every detail and even had a backup plan to have the wedding at the United Methodist Church.  It was sunny that day but very windy and cool so we had the wedding in the church. Betty and her staff had it decorated beautifully.

We really enjoyed the carriage ride around town after the ceremony.  We stayed at the B & B that night it was so nice and cozy and the breakfast Sunday morning was great!  We have always enjoyed visiting Metamora now it's even more special to us.

Terry & Melinda    Richmond, IN


Hello there young man.  Michael and I visited your town this weekend and we just wanted to give a big thanks
to the warm and pleasant people we met. 

We had the opportunity to hear you play and I had a delicious cup of coffee the next day.  It was a beautiful time!  Could you please tell Catrina hello and hope she's doing well! 

Thanks so much!


I have been to Canal Days almost every year for about the past 8 or 9 years.  I look forward to visiting Metamora each and every year.  I now have recruited friends and coworkers to come with me, we are already planning our trip for this year. 

See you soon. 

Vickie L. in Ky.

My husband and I are planning a trip to Metamora this weekend for the annual canal days festivities. This website provided us with lots of useful information.

Your web site is great. We just came back from a visit to your great little town. We were just sorry that we hadn't come later so we could have stayed for the canal fest.

We are going to revisit you next year and we will be staying for the fest.

- Lou and Lorrie

Love It! Did not know how many things there were to do in this quaint Indiana town.  And I'm from here!! - Lisa

What a great site and shows the "true" Metamora!

I was born and raised in Metamora and couldn't think of a better place to be. It's a loving little town!


I was in Metamora Friday, November 25th. I just wanted to say my Vanilla Latte was yum, and the bath bombs I bought are awesome.

You (the Smelly Gourmet) are a fun shop; we (family and friends) really enjoyed hanging out in there; We’ll come back again in the New Year as we are all near Cincinnati.

Have a fun time with all the Christmas shoppers and keep them warm with the fabulous coffee drinks.

Your website is awesome. You have really done a great job. Your shop shows the success of two really talented people. It really is a fun place to be and my wife and I really love visiting you. We know you are going to be successful beyond your imagination.

I just happened to come across Metamora about 10 years ago, while taking a weekend trip with my husband.  Since then, I have gone down every fall but one.  I've taken my son down there, my mom, and my sister and her fiance'. 

Mostly, it's my hubby & I staying in one of your adorable B & Bs.  I get excited a month in advance.  If you haven't been, the B & Bs are fun, kids love the train ride, and the fudge is awesome. 

You need two days to visit all the little shops, though.  We're trying out the Grapevine Inn this year.  See ya 9/29! 

Rick & Elaine Taylor Amboy, IN

Website is great.  I printed a map from it and studied the venders.  Do you have a box set out so One could donate a small amount toward purchasing the McLynn property? A lot of small amounts would add up.  Thank You.

Your website is very informative and your town looks so interesting.  One thing I have not been able to find is if there is a public park where a family could have a picnic.  Please can you let me know if there is such a place. Thank you in anticipation of a quick reply. Janet (Indianapolis)

There is a small park with a gazebo, and several picnic tables around town. None of them has barbeque grills, but the tables are nice.


Several years ago my family and I just happened upon your little town. I loved it then. Last year my husband and I were in the area for an antique tractor show, I had him drive up from Batesville for the afternoon before heading home. Not many shops were open, it was about 3 weeks before canal days.

We were not able to go back for canal days but I am excited...with lots of snow outside, today I called my best friend told her to mark the calendar for Oct. 1,2, & 3, then I booked a room (had to go to Batesville) everything in Metamora was booked.

I am so looking forward to coming to Canal Days. I was luck when I was there in Sept. '09 I found a wonderful quilt in one of the little shops....can't wait to shop.