Metamora Indiana Aquaduct
Metamora Historical Walking Tours
Arrangements can be made for a personalized group walking tour of Historical Metamora to make your visit to Metamora a more enlightening and entertaining outing.

If your group is wanting a personalized walking tour of Metamora we can arrange it for a group of up to 25 people. If you have more in your group it would need to be multiple tours. For a fee of $50.00 per tour we will assist you in making arrangements (such as reservations for lunch, advance purchase of tickets (paid separately), and discussing ideas by telephone with you in advance of your arrival, and we will provide one half hour or more entertaining walking tour of historical buildings, the mill and possibly some crafters doing their work. We'll fill you in on some very interesting stories about the past. We promise you are sure to be pleased!

Thinking about bringing a group to Metamora and want to include more events with your tour? Let us make it easy and set up everything for you. You decide the activities you'd like to do along with the tour and we'll arrange everything and set up a schedule for you. Below are additional options you can choose along with the walking tour:

Boat Rides: (cost not included in the tour) Open May 3rd through October 31st for rides. Wednesday through Sunday starting at noon and run on the hour. The last ride begins at 4 p.m. Hours and rates may change- call us to be sure.

Carriage Rides: (cost not included in the tour) $3.00 per person.

Train Ride: (cost not included in the tour) The Whitewater Valley Railroad, a non-profit historic railroad, brings a train to Metamora on most weekends and conducts 5 or 6 half-hour runs up the tracks and back.  They also bring a train many weekends from Connersville to Metamora, lay over a few hours for shopping/dining/siteseeing, then return to Connersville.  They can also be scheduled for larger groups to run on your desired schedule. Ticket prices depends on which train. See the Railroad Website for prices, or if you are hiring us to help with your tour, we will help you get current prices.

Lunch: (cost not included in the tour) Special arrangements with local restaurants can be made in advance for groups at as little as $8.00 per person. Price varies according to restaurant and menu. It is frequently helpful if your group intends to dine here to have reservations to ensure the restaurant is prepared for a larger group. Special fixed-menus menus are arranged.

Ice Cream Cone and a Fudge Making Demostration: Ice Cream in a delicious homemade Waffle Cone, coffee, cappuccino or pop, or watching Donna make her delicious peanut-butter fudge, are a few other options we can arrange where the tour group leader pays the cost up front so the group members need no cash.  We can make arrangements, cost to be determined when we talk.


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How to Arrange Your Tour - If your group is interested in a tour or a tour with some of the activities listed above please email us. The information we will need is listed below. Make sure you include when you will be coming, how many people you'll be bringing and what options you'd like, if any, with your tour.  We'd like at least THREE week Advance notice if possible, but can work with you if need be.

We will work with you to arranging your tour and activities, determine the fees and ticket prices as desired, and will meet you when you arrive in town. Full payment will be required one week in advance of your arrival (walking tour fee portion of payment will be non-refundable.) Make arrangements to schedule your tour today! Email your information to metamora tour and someone will call you or correspond by email. Please include the following:

Date of Arrival
Time of Arrival
Number in Group
Also include any of the below options you want with the tour (please note the cost of these items are not included in the $50 tour).
Boat Ride
Horse & Carriage Ride
Train Ride
Ice Cream
Fudge Demo