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The "Smelly Gourmet" has it all! - Gifts, Coffee Bar, Food & Lodging

Banes House Antiques

European Coffee Bar, 12 varieties of Gourmet Grilled Cheese Panini, Smelly's hand crafted Geek Clocks and Magnets, Brenda's hand crafted Bath & Body, Smelly Moms hand painted furniture, our famous family grown popcorn and a romantic get-a-way in our Banes Suite for Two!

While in Metamora, you don't want to miss the "Smelly Gourmet" located in the heart of Metamora at the "Banes House", the big white 2 story house with the iron fence around it!.   Not only is it a fun place to go and an amazing building, you will find the most unique and unusual owners (mainly Smelly himself) and gifts, drinks and food that can't be found anywhere else on the planet.  You'll find some of the most amazing handcrafted items that are all made by us or our family. This is not your everyday shop! The "Smelly Gourmet" name comes from combining Brenda's own outstanding handmade bath and body products, smelly jelly's and fragrances made right here in the store with Steve's gourmet coffee bar. And you must try our gourmet grilled cheese panini served in 13 varieties with our secret homemade bread using the gristmills cornmeal and our homemade chips. Rated #1 place to eat in Metamora on TripAdvisor!

Smelly with Whiffy the Skunk
Smelly Gourmet Coffee Bar and Gift Shop
Stop in and savor one of Steve's famous cappuccino's!  He'll tell you that he makes the best cappuccino this side of the Atlantic Ocean.  Steve lived in various areas of Italy for 7 years.  While living in Napoli (Naples) Italy, he learned his barista skills from the best, "Tonino" the owner of the "Delfino Verde" Trattoria (Green Dolphin). Since leaving Italy he has always wanted to educate Americans on the true taste of a European Coffee. This is no franchise coffee bar like Starbucks, where the barista is a teenager that hates coffee and the beans have a burnt taste!
Smelly in the Smelly Gourmet Coffee Beans
Smelly Gourmet Hulless Popcorn
.The Smelly Gourmet European Coffee Bar  

The "Smelly Gourmet" uses a special blend dark roast bean.  These beans are roasted every Tuesday and delivered to us on Wednesday's by the nationally famous roaster, Carl Jones from the Phoenix MicroRoastery in Cleveland, Ohio.  The beans are ground as used to give you the freshest coffee available.

Signature drinks include the Black Forrest Mocha (tastes like drinking a chocolate-covered cherry!) or a Carmel Truffle (for those who don't like cherries.)

Try out Brenda's brand, Crema Fiore (Italian for Creamy Flower), hand-made luxurious bath and body products.  Pick up one of our famous Smelly Jelly air fresheners that last for years, a bottle of the silkiest hand lotion you've ever tried in 20 fragrances, or a jar of our outstanding Shea Butter cream that has fast become a customer favorite for relieving super dry skin including eczema.   The Smelly Gourmet Crema Fiore Bath and Body Products
Computer Geek Clocks - Geek Sculptures from Recycled Computers   Steve's creativity lead him to inventing the first and only "Computer Clock".  He recycles old computer parts by turning them into unusual clocks.  No two are alike!  You'll also find many unusual and original wood and stain glass items designed by Steve.
Computer Geek Sculptures
The "Smelly Gourmet" is one of the few places in Metamora that provides unique Metamora souvenirs such as coffee mugs, magnets, shot glasses and hand-made post cards.  Speaking of magnets, don't miss Steve's witty refrigerator magnet creations- one to make fun of many occupations or occasions.
Smelly Gourmet Hulless Popcorn Smelly Gourmet Hulless Popcorn   Baby Blue Hulless Gourmet Popcorn
Baby Yellow Gourmet Hulless Popcorn

We are becoming well know for our Family grown Hull-less Popcorn - Our popcorn is grown here in Indiana on our families popcorn farm. They grow over 150 acres of popcorn. You won't find a more satisfying specialty popcorn anywhere. Our Popcorn is GMO FREE - No Genetically Modified Organisms - If you love popcorn try this and you'll never go back to regular again! We also carry many popcorn accessories like the famous Whirley Pop, seasonings, oils, butter topping and even the cool little popcorn containers. Don't miss all our crazy flavored popcorn (dill pickle) and Smellys Zippy Popcorn Stack Mix. We are working to be the "Everthing Popcorn" store of Indiana!

Smelly Gourmet Panini Sandwiches

Don't settle for a burger and fries when you can step out of the box and try something totally amazing! Our customers rave about our Grilled Cheese Paninis. These are not your mommas grilled cheese. They are truly a gourmet meal! Pick from 12 different varieties. From a reuben griled cheese to a greek (fetta cheese, tomato, basil, garlic, oregano and black pepper). Everything is homemade by Smelly himself right down to the bread! We even make our own signature chips. View our menu

Smelly loves to cook and since there isn't many places in town to eat he decided he would get creative and come up with a gourmet menu. If you know Smelly he can't do average, he has to go above and beyond.

Were not just a restaurant so we don't have a large seating area and our paninis take about 15 min to make but it is worth the wait. You can walk around the giftshop while you wait.

The Banes Suite is a suite for two. Metamora only luxury suite with a kitchen, living area, 42" tv with cable and so much more. We went all out on our suite to provide our visitors the finest in Metamora. Now you can have five star accommodations in Metamora. Stop in and check it out. We would be glad to show it to you as long as it is not currently occupied. View our webpage for the Banes Suite   Metamora Banes Suite
Don't miss "The Smelly Moms" hand painted furniture. Smelly's mom Joan bring her art alive on furniture. Each piece is one-of-a-kind. You'll never see another like it and you never know what she will show up with.   Smelly Mom handcrafted Gifts
Smellys Handmade Copper Wine Rack   The Smelly Gourmet European Coffee Bar and Gift Shop

Smelly is very artistic, or so he thinks he is. Check out the copper fitting wine rack he made and his other copper art. Yes you can purchase this wine rack but it isn't cheap like our cheep cheep birdhouses!

Don't miss all of his crazy magnets either. You'll never see so many magnets in one store. He makes each and every one of them. We guarantee there are a couple of magnets that are YOU!

If you're looking to stay overnight in Metamora you don't want to miss our "Banes Suite". We provide five star luxury in an 1838 town! Reserve early!

When our Metamora Store is closed you can still find us  24/7 on the web at one of our websites:
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